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Derby Branch Detectives

29 January 2016

Recently, our intrepid volunteer Yvonne picked up a cat which had been reported as a victim of a road traffic accident, but she decided to try and find the cat’s owner. Having been pointed in the direction the cat had come from, Yvonne set off to make enquiries and found the cat’s owner who was delighted to get her cat back. It was wobbly on its legs because of a neurological disorder and not a RTA victim after all.

We often go on the trail of microchipped cats’ owners whose details on the microchip have changed or are not clear. A few months ago a Derby resident reported finding 2 cats but their microchips recorded only a flat number in the street, not a house number. We found the vets that had implanted the microchip and they had the owner’s full address. When contacted, she said she didn’t want the cats so her neighbour, who had been looking after them, adopted them and is very pleased with the result.